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Gel Beads


By October 20, 2022No Comments
person filling gel beads in magazine


When the sun is shining and the time for outdoor competition strikes, Hydro Strike gel bead blasters are the go-to tool for brisk blasting showdowns. But before you can enter the field with the gel soft blaster of your dreams, you’ll need to prep your Gel-Tek beads for success. 

If you’re used to handling dart blasters, switching to gel beads may seem like a big ask. After all, you won’t be loading darts to a cartridge in a flash. Rest assured – the payoff is worth it. Gel-Tek Beads sail through the air at a velocity of up to 200+ FPS. And the best part? No clean-up. These beads burst on impact and are eco-friendly — no need to spend time gathering them once the game is done.  

So how do you get started?  

Trust us. It couldn’t be easier.  

Hydro Strike Gel Bead Blasters Hydrated Beads On Table With Bottle


 When you boil down the facts, all it takes to get your gel beads ready for the ultimate gel soft game is a bucket of water.  

 Empty your desired amount of gel beads into a deep, leakproof container. (Think bucket or large tote.) The Hydro Strike Gel-Tek Water Beads Refill Pack comes with 20,000 gel beads, which will fill the Hydro Strike Pulsar Pro up to 40+ times and the Hydro Strike Nebula Pro roughly 100 times. Fill the container with water, making sure the beads are all fully submerged.  

Then, simply….walk away. Grab a snack and relax while your beads get ready for action. Let your beads hydrate for up to 4 hours. You’ll know they’re ready when they reach about 10 times their original size.  

*Pro tip: if you use distilled water, you’ll cut your hydration time down significantly. Our personal team of scientists found that the beads will reach 7.5mm in just 90 minutes in room-temperature distilled water. Cut that time down even further to just 50 minutes if you use warm/hot distilled water.     

And that’s it, folks! Pour the beads directly into the gel blaster’s hopper and get blasting.  

Once you get started in gel bead blasting, you’ll understand why Hydro Strike is rising to the top of the backyard blaster world. These blasters offer ultimate power and speed, zero clean-up, and max excitement. Burst onto the scene with Hydro Strike gel blasters.