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Your New Favorite Team Hydro Strike Games

By March 15, 2023No Comments


If you’ve gotten your hands on a Hydro Strike gel blaster, you know these gel bead-bursting powerhouses are anything but boring. On their own, the Hydro Strike Pulsar and Hydro Strike Nebula are action-packed must-haves for outdoor adventures. But when you team up and face off in a hydro-powered game, the excitement is multiplied. 

Sure, blasting away at a target for aiming practice is fun. But why not check out the list of games below for a dose of creativity? Read on for your new go-to outdoor Hydro Strike games.  



Okay, so we’re not reinventing the wheel with this one. But why mess with perfection? Pick up your Hydro Strike blasters and set up a game of Capture the Flag. 

Each team has a flag to stash on their side of the field. Blast away to take competing players out of the game and increase your chances of snagging the other team’s flag. It’s the classic setup, with the added excitement of fast-moving, powerful Gel-Tek beads.



Risk is the perfect gel bead blaster game for a large group. Bump up the action of Capture the Flag by multiplying the stakes by four. Start by setting up four corners on the field and creating four separate teams. Each team will work to flip all four flags to their color, blasting at opposing players along the way. The goal is to dominate the field so your team can be crowned champ. This game can be as long or as short as you need — modify it for your preference. 



We’ve never actually tried it, but we’re pretty sure the best way to fight off the undead is with a Hydro Strike gel blaster. At the very least, it’s the most fun. 

Divide your players into humans and zombies. You’ll want to make sure you have more zombies than humans — you know, for realism. The human players need to defeat the zombies without getting infected. Blast at a zombie three times to take it down. 



For an added challenge, test your mettle at Search and Rescue. Players will divide into two teams. Each team is tasked with retrieving an inflated balloon from the opposite end of the field. The goal is to get your balloon back to the rescue point without getting blasted — or letting the balloon pop. Pass it off between players and move quickly to keep it intact. 


Defend your world from an alien attack and try to take down their spacecraft. This game is best played on a hill. Nominate players to be the alien invaders and have them form a circle at the top of the hill. The human players will work to break into the center of the circle to destroy the UFO. Alien players can blast away at the humans, but the humans each have 3 strikes before they’re out. (Humans are very resilient, obviously.)



Obviously, there are a million different ways to have good, safe fun with your Hydro Strike gel blaster. We can’t wait to see the action you get into with your Nebula and Pulsar Pro. Let us know how you get into the action with your Hydro Strike blaster.