Gel Zone Pro Gel Beads Refill Pack – 20000 pcs


  • Includes up to 20,000 Gel-Tek beads for up to 100+ blasters refills.
  • Gel-Tek beads splash on impact for a burst of adventure.
  • Hydrate Gel-Tek beads for four hours for optimum results.
  • The colorful, high-quality design gives you hours of gameplay.
  • Gel-Tek beads are compatible with most standard water bead blasters.
  • Recommended for ages 14+
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Gel Zone Gel Bead Refills

Burst into the blasting action with the Gel Zone Pro 20,000 Gel Bead Refill Bag. This gel accessory super-pack comes with 20,000 pre-hydrated beads for non-stop gameplay. Use the included hydration pouch for easy prep on the go; simply add the beads to the pouch, fill with water, and wait. Gel Zone Beads hydrate in up to 4 hours, swelling to 10 times their original size. Once hydrated, fill the hopper of your Gel Zone blaster and head out for the ultimate carefree blasting game. Eco-friendly Gel Zone Beads burst on impact, leaving zero cleanup, so players are free to enjoy gel-blasting adventures without the post-game stress. Fill your Gel Zone Pro Hydrax up to 40 times, or get over 150 games out of your Gel Zone Pro Stormer. The Gel Zone Pro Refill Bag is available exclusively at Target and and is recommended for players ages 14 and up.

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