Gel Zone Stormer


  • Includes 1 Gel Zone Pro Stormer Gel Bead Blaster, 1,000 Gel-Tek beads, Gel Zone Pro eye gear, and a gel bead hydration pouch
  • Gel beads burst on impact for a blaster game without the cleanup
  • Hydrate gel beads for up to 4 hours for optimum results
  • Features a quick-fill 120-round internal hopper
  • Blast gel beads up to 160 feet per second
  • The lightweight, blue and orange design stands out on the field for a game with style
  • Gel beads are compatible with most standard water bead blasters
  • Recommended for ages 14+
  • Available exclusively at Target and



Command the blaster field with the Gel Zone Pro Stormer Gel Bead Blaster. This pump-action blaster is the ultimate adventure companion, offering hours of bead-bursting play in a lightweight, compact build. The Stormer’s quick-fill hopper allows players to effortlessly pour up to 120 gel beads in at once. Once it’s full, use the Stormer’s spring-powered blasting mechanism to send beads flying up to an incredible 160 feet per second. The Stormer comes with 1000 dehydrated gel beads, allowing players to refill nearly 10 times. Use the included hydration pouch to soak the beads for 4 hours or more, then easily fill the top-load hopper and hit the field. Gel beads expand to 7.5mm when soaked and burst on impact for no-mess, eco-friendly gameplay. The Gel Zone Pro Stormer also includes Gel Zone Pro Eyegear, offering players an extra level of safety, wherever the game takes them. Gel beads are compatible with all Gel Zone gel bead blasters as well as gel bead blasters from most other leading brands. The Stormer is recommended for ages 14 and up and is available exclusively at Target and

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